Thursday, 12 August 2010

A basic family history

Welcome to this new blog created for descendants of the Crozier family of Moorfield, Trillick.

As a starting point you can find some basic information on the family history and we'll see what more we can add to it, moving forward and backwards in time.

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  1. Sirs,

    We have been researching Croziers for 30 years and have four experts in the world on Croziers.

    We know some about Moorfields, but having said that Moorefields and Canvatillycormack are townlands. Not a Village but you have to understand the meanign of townlands. The land was bpought by John Crozier who came to Irelead in 1630 (From Redworth) he died at Moorfields. His son John inhereted Moorfields and the land was in Crozier ownership until early 1900 sold under the Land Commissions sales. (Again you have to understand what that is).

    The Decendents of John Crozier(1630) moved to Ardvarny and then ended up some 200 years later at Gortra House. They married well and extended their estates. Included in this Family was William Crozier of US Army and the Croziers in Congress ect ect.

    Some Families called Crozier did live in the area of Moorfields prior to John Crozier(1630) and are recorded as being 5 families in 1570 they indeed did come from Liddlesdale during the border clearences.

    After John Crozier (1630) family moved to Ardvarny they continued to hold the land and let it out as it was townland and split into may holdings. We have the originalk details and the sale particulars.

    I would suggest that if you are interested you contact me with Name , Address and telephone number and we will contact you. Please email

    We will answer promptly as we are as intereted as you are to share information.

    Yours truly